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How to Order from Essential Clothing

Its easy and safe to order from Essential Clothing on the Internet. All of your personal information is securely stored encrypted on our servers and is not passed to any third party's so you do not have to worry about getting Junk emails.

Finding Products:

Products on our shop can be found by either navigating through the shop departments, searching or clicking on special offers and top selling product links.

Navigating Departments

On the first page of the site and on the left side of most of the other pages is a list of departments within this shop. Clicking on a department name such as ACCESSORIES or category will display its contents. Some departments will have products directly displayed under them and others will have sub-departments that you can choose from before seeing a list of products.

When you get to the list of products you will be shown a small image, a short description and the price of the product. Click on the product's name, image or the view link to see the full details of that product. You may now add that product to your shopping basket.

Searching For Products

At the bottom of the shopping pages is a search panel, you may enter the item that you are searching for in the search for box and then select the department that you want to search in the Category drop down list. Specifying 'Any' in this list will search the enter shop. Click on the search button on the right and a list of products will appear that match your search term.

If no products are displayed when you have searched try broadening the term you are searching with. To see the full product details from the results simply click on the title, image or view text for that product.

We are constantly adding to our range of products so if you do not find what you require today, check back at a later date

Ordering Products

When you have found a product that you wish to purchase click on the add to cart button at the bottom right of the product details firstly specifying the quantity of the product you require (the default is one). If there are any specific options with this product such as size or colour you will be reminded to choose them from the drop down list if you have not already done so. This will add the product to your shopping basket and take you to the view basket page.

You may now either, continue shopping on the site or purchase the product at the checkout. If you continue shopping you may add more products to your basket and return to pay for them later.

To Purchase products in your basket, firstly make sure that you are on the view basket page - if you are not there is a link to view the basket towards the top of every page.

On the view basket page click on the 'proceed to checkout' button. You will now be asked if you are a returning customer or a new customer to the site. New customers click on the relevant button and quickly enter your details into the page provided. You will have to enter your email address and a password so that the site can recognise you the ext time you order.

Complete the form and your details will be securely stored on the system. You will now be redirected to the checkout page.

The Checkout Page

When on the checkout page you need to click on the Continue button under the Order These products section. From here you will be directed to the Secure Payment pages where you will need to enter your credit / debit card details. Upon successful processing of your card the order will be stored on our systems and you will be directed back to our shop.

Checking on Orders

You may at any time return to the site and check on the current status of your orders or contact the Essential Clothing team regarding specific orders. To do this click on the MyAccount link towards the top of most pages on the site. You will be asked to enter your email address and the password that you chose when first ordering.

When you have done this you will be redirected to your account page which lists all of the orders you have placed with us. Simply click on the order number to view its details including its current status. You may also contact us regarding the order.

Under the MyAccount pages you can also change your details including your email, password and shipping address.

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